IFM is dedicated to all aspects of laboratory quality assurance.

Our mission is to assist laboratories in improving and maintaining the quality of their analyses through the provision of laboratory quality assurance products and services.

We are a fully independent, privately owned company, that guarantees services that are objective, impartial and completely confidential.


A laboratory’s performance cannot be confirmed based on one proficiency program alone. Each analyst and the whole Laboratory need to perform consistently. This ongoing consistency is more important than getting it right on a single occasion

Enrolling in a single program will not ensure the full range of challenges are covered. Laboratories need to engage their analysts in multiple rounds throughout the year.

IFM programs are designed to ensure your laboratory covers many situations in laboratory testing.

IFM customers benefit from comprehensive and cost-effective programs that allow many analysts to participate under one all inclusive program fee.

There is no need to schedule separate in-house proficiency test programs or pay additional fees for multiple results submissions.