Founded in 1994 and privately owned, IFM is a long established and highly respected provider of laboratory quality assurance services with strength in the areas of Proficiency Testing and Reference Materials

IFM operates globally with representatives in several European countries, S.E. Asia, P.R. China, the Middle East, South Africa and South America.

IFM is the leading supplier of electrical Proficiency Testing services, particularly in support of IEC requirements.

IFM has in-depth expertise in providing microbiological Proficiency Testing to a broad range of testing laboratories.

IFM provides reference cultures, training and preparation audits for laboratories wishing to gain accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025.

Follow-up advice and assistance is provided to our customers.


IFM provides a programmatic approach to support consistency over time and between analysts. Your laboratory’s performance should never be judged, based on a single proficiency program.

In accordance with ISO/IEC 17043 (Cert. 3189-02), we supply real materials at concentrations and forms that closely imitate the types of materials that customers would normally submit.

We provide multiple samples because clients request multiple analyses. Some are positive, some are negative for each of the targets, which means that analysts cannot give special handling to any particular sample.

It is our view that lab analysts should treat every sample (whether customer or QA), with the same care and consideration and not massage proficiency testing samples through the system.

Proficiency Testing that runs frequently, (like our monthly schemes) ensures that every analyst can be rostered to join in. This gives lab managers insights to reality with respect to their lab performance.

This approach helps provide a true reflection of your laboratory’s everyday performance.


IFM maintains 3 key accreditations with the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA).

The combination of these accreditations means that  IFM fully understands the quality requirements which must be met by testing laboratories. Subsequently, IFM is able to design and offer the best possible Proficiency Testing Programs and Reference Materials.

The scope of IFM’s Proficiency Testing Provider and Reference Material Producer accreditations extends to food, water, pharmaceuticals, environmental, electrical products, medical and veterinary tests.

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