What we do

The mission of IFM Quality Services is to support laboratories in improving and maintaining the quality of their analyses by providing products and services in the field of laboratory quality assurance. Their main means of achieving this goal are the provision of programmes for competence tests, reference material and advisory services.

Reference materials and quality control materials

A range of multi-parameter quantified analyte CRMs are available to cover a wide range of testing in a cost effective manner.

IFM can also provide homogeneous samples with known analytical results for use in validation work and for other quality assurance purposes. Microbiologists can also select from a range of traceable reference cultures.

Custom-designed proficiency testing programs

IFM can to design custom programs for a group of laboratories or several employees within a company. The unique nature of IFM’s PT tests allows you to do this at a lower cost than any other PT program.

If you have particular need for competency tests, please ask IFM about designing a customised program for your use. IFM already has a wide variety of products that can be combined into a program that fits the needs and budget of many laboratories.

Why choose IFM?

  • accredited according to ISO/IEC17043 (A2LA Accreditation Certificate 3189-02)
  • Cost-effective
  • Personal service – contact us to find out how we could help you reduce your PT costs by up to 50% with no compromise on accuracy and rigour
  • 100% independent company
  • Real samples offered whenever possible
  • Real sample quantities provided
  • All microbiological PTP always provide multiple samples
  • Selection of program formats
  • You only perform the analyses that apply to your laboratory
  • IFM can check the performance of multiple employees who test from the same sample sets at no extra cost
  • Extraordinary value for money!

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