A program in freeze dried form consisting of bacteria and fungi of veterinary interest.

One sample is processed every month and results submitted.

Tasks set for laboratory staff are:

  • Review the case history

  • Compare sample information with case notes for inaccuracies and clerical discrepancies.

  • Culture the organism and identify

  • Perform an antibiotic sensitivity profile

  • Comment on the significance of the isolate with respect to the case history. (optional)

Results are provided at the conclusion of each round.

Analyses and comparisons of methodologies and technically relevant information is provided where appropriate.

The scheme operates from May until the following April.


Vet-chat is a forum where personnel with an interest in veterinary testing can discuss things of interest via email with all members in the vet-chat group.

This is a free service.

To subscribe to vet-chat, simply send an email to vetchat@ifmqs.com.au