The purpose of this page is to provide Proficiency Testing Resources to National Certification Bodies.

IFM Quality Services provides assistance and summary information free of charge to the designated leaders of laboratory groups. This service is now expanding to the NCBs managing “families” of laboratories.

Summary of available services:

Name of Service / Report Purpose / Benefit Other information
Participation Sumary of All Laboratories within the NCB The report outlines briefly the list of programs each laboratory has enrolled in and the date, whether actions were requested for that laboratory, and the status of the actions.This report can be used at management level to overview participation in PTP, for NCB internal/external audit purposes and to assist laboratories in planning their future PTP participations. Availability: On request to IFM. This report will only be sent to the designated authorised person in the NCB.
Reminder: Outlier Actions Due This report is issued when actions have been assigned after a report has been issued. The reports are sent to the designated authorised person within the NCB.The purpose of the report is to inform NCBs of the status (and possible progress) of actions that individual laboratories have.

Note that these report cover all open actions, so a notification may arrive because a laboratory has an open item, despite a report being issued for another topic.

Availability: Routinely sent to the designated authorised person within the NCB. Can be provided on request out of normal cycle.Frequently asked questions:

Q: Do the CBTLs/SMTs receive similar follow up reports?

A: It is intended that the main responsibility of following corrective actions status remains with the NCBs. However, approximately monthly reminders will be also sent to laboratories.


Q: Due date are listed in some cases, others not (?)

A: IFM does not set the due date until the final reports are issued, but we assign the actions as soon as the outliers are confirmed (usually within 1-2 weeks of the issue of the interim report)


Q: We received information about GNCRs from the IECEE secretariat recently, but the IFM follow up report does not show these actions as open.

A: IFM follows up on actions until the matter is handed over to the IECEE secretariat. It is appropriate that only one organisation follows non-conformances at a time. Once the hand over of following corrective actions has been performed, the IECEE issue a GNCR in their system, and actions are closed in the IFM database.

Individual Laboratory Report This report summarises the complete address and contact details of an individual laboratory, together with PTP participation history and full detail of corrective actions.Such reports are useful for NCB audits/visits of that laboratory, and for internal (management) reviews performed by the individual laboratory. Availability: On request by the designated authorised person within the NCB responsible for the laboratory in question, or when the laboratory individually requests it. This report is also provided to the IECEE secretariat for the purposes of providing information to auditors in the CB scheme.
Program participation lists These reports detail the list of participants within the NCB that have applied/been sent samples for a specific topic.The report is provided routinely on issue of the programs,  when the interim report is issued and when the final report is issued as part of IFM’s requirement in CTL-OP 103. Availability: to the NCB at the specified times, or on request.
Program Participation Due reminders These reports are program specific and contain lists of laboratories that have not yet enrolled in the topic in question. NCBs are requested to review the list and inform IFM of limitations in scope, or exemption requests for other reasons. Availability: routine report sent while program topic is being promoted.