These programs are offered with the support and cooperation of IEC-EE committee of testing laboratories. The IEC-CMC requires participation of all laboratories whose registered activities lie within scope for the programs described. However, any laboratories not within the CB scheme, and with relevant capabilities are also invited to participate as part of their requirements under ISO/IEC 17025.

The primary objectives of the program are to offer a vehicle that:

  • Promotes actions leading to mutual acceptance of data between testing houses
  • Enables laboratories to comply with quality  assurance requirements of ISO/IEC 17025
  • Demonstrates information to participating laboratories which enables them to assess the reproducibility and repeatability of their laboratory test results
  • By comparison of features of methodology and   equipment, allows laboratories to assess reasons  for  variation in results

In order to satisfy the aims of this program, we are utilising an approach encompassing questionnaires and testing artefacts. The questionnaires are designed to cover aspects of the testing equipment, calibrations and other general information. The test results will encompass laboratory reports from the program of testing, which will mostly reflect the requirements of the relevant standards, but may involve additional observations to assist in the data analyses.

More Information for Electrical Testing Laboratories

Notification about programs:

All planned programs are shown on this web-site. As programs are due, the following organizations are notified:

  • IECEE Secretariat
  • National Certification Bodies in each member country
  • Any organization that has approached us independent of other organizations

Entry to programs:

  • You may be directed to enter a program by your National certification body or your accreditation body.
  • You may choose to enter a program of your own accord privately with IFM Quality Services from information we send you, or from the internet.
  • Please note that all laboratories with the capabilities of carrying out the testing are invited to participate.


  • You can enrol by sending us completed order form or a company purchase order.

Costs of programs:

  • The cost of participation is advertised in the program schedules on IFM’s main web page.
  • Payment is required on receipt of an invoice from IFM
  • Please refer to IFM’s terms and conditions (see link in margin)

Operation of the programs

  • IFM Quality Services Pty Ltd operates the programs. The information obtained remains confidential.
  • However, if you have been required to participate by your National Certification Body, IFM is obliged to provide your NCB with a summary of  your performance. If you have been required to take corrective actions, and these have not been resolved, your NCB and the IECEE secretariat may be notified.
  • You may check the web site at any time for information about the status of any electrical testing program.
  • Once the samples have been received by your laboratory, carry out the testing according to the directions, and return results to us. Results may be returned only by means of the spreadsheet we provide to you. This spreadsheet must be emailed back to the address provided.
  • Please note: Quality Assurance is a critical component of laboratory functions, and performance of proficiency tests should also take priority. Laboratories are given sufficient warning of up-coming programs to plan their time appropriately. It is important to return the results BEFORE the due date for results. Delayed results will NOT be accepted.
  • Refer to IFM’s terms and conditions regarding late results.

Reporting of programs

  • The final report is reviewed and approved by IECEE CTL WG2 and relevant technical advisers prior to issue.
  • Reports are issued to participating laboratories after this time.