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IFM Policy On Confidentiality. 

Confidentiality is the state of secrecy and protection of all information pertaining to IFM and our clients and suppliers.

This policy includes all functions, projects and testing performed by IFM. Project plans may specify confidentiality arrangements differing from this policy. If no arrangement is specified, the project shall be treated confidentially in accordance with this policy.

IFM keeps all matters confidential unless agreed in writing by both the client and IFM that information may be divulged. 

In the case of CTL electrical programs, IFM Quality Services Pty Ltd operates the programs and the information obtained remains confidential.  However, if you have been required to participate by your National Certification Body, IFM is obliged to provide the NCB with a summary of your performance.  If you have been required to take corrective actions and these have not been resolved, your NCB and the IECEE secretariat may be notified. 


The manner in which confidentiality is maintained is as follows:

  • IFM has signed confidentiality agreements with all staff, and people regularly in touch with IFM that are likely to see information. These agreements include a statement that IFM will take legal action for confidentiality breaches, and that this agreement applies even after staff leave employment of IFM.

  • Appropriate steps are taken to ensure that all technical advisers and collaborators are easily able to maintain confidentiality. (Example: they are not told the identities of laboratories in proficiency programs.)

  • Similarly, visitors, when signing the visitor’s book acknowledge they agree to keep information confidential. Visitors are not allowed to access confidential information unless their purpose for visiting officially requires such information to be seen.

  • All possible breaches of confidentiality are taken seriously and acted upon via the incident (non-conformance) system.

  • All information supplied by clients is considered confidential because even minor details could be damaging.

  • Clients’ names are not to be mentioned outside the company premises or to people outside the company.

  • Care should be taken when discussing anything work related with outsiders, as industry types and locations could lead to damaging (and untrue) assumptions.

  • Only the written request from a client can result in forwarding any information outside IFM. The information that is forwarded must remain specifically within the scope of the request. We assume that the person signing such a request from the client company is authorised to do so. Further IFM will only issue emailed reports to the official company email address that has been supplied. IFM will not send reports or other information to personal (non-company) email addresses, as there is no guarantee that the person setting up a personal email account is actually the person who's name is displayed. If a customer has a good reason for using a generic email server, they must notify us in writing by mail fax or official company email. IFM will then only send information to that address.


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